Working at Shocklogic series: Juan Zada

By Lorena |

February 14, 2022

We’re wrapping up our Working at Shocklogic series this week with Juan Zada, one of our Technical Support Engineers. Juan has been working with Shocklogic for over two years.

When did you start working at Shocklogic?
28th of October 2019

How did you hear about Shocklogic?
I worked onsite with the Shocklogic team during an event in Copenhagen, Denmark. At the time, I was working for another company as an event host. Shocklogic needed someone who was good with tech to help with their ePosters, so I helped them. John Martinez, Shocklogic’s CEO & Founder, was there too, and he saw how active and on fire I was, and he even gave me as an example to his team. He was surprised by my level of patience and the great work that I did, so he asked me if I wanted to work for Shocklogic, and without hesitation I said yes!

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What team do you work for? Tell me a bit more about your relationship with your colleagues.
I work in the technical department part of the London team, and work remotely from Greece where I live with my family. My relationships with my colleagues are based on love, respect, and appreciation, and recognising them for all the good work they do. Sharing knowledge and information with them is very important for me, and it definitely benefits both me as a team member and our team as a whole.

Can you describe in one word your experience so far at Shocklogic?

What skills have you developed during your time working at Shocklogic?
Time management and prioritisation of tasks, which has really helped me both at work and on a personal level to schedule my time in a more efficient and effective way. It also helped me gain more self-confidence.

Communication is another skill that I have developed. I am naturally someone who is open and honest; if there’s something that I don’t understand I will ask it right away, but I’ve become more aware of the etiquette of communication, what things to say or not, both in a professional and personal environment. For example, this has helped me when I go to a bank or government institution and need to request something formally.

What is the best part of your job?
Executing and looking at tasks that have been shared with the outside world. Troubleshooting is also fascinating to me because I love solving problems. I love challenges. When a client calls us regarding an issue, I try every possible solution to fix it. I put myself in the users’ shoes.

What is special about the company culture and values?
I resonated with Shocklogic’s company values even before joining the company. One of these values is about stepping out of your comfort zone. If there’s something that I’m afraid of doing, I just do it. I learned to say ‘I don’t know yet’ because that gives me the chance to learn.

Taking responsibilities is another one, which shows how much you are investing in yourself and how much you want to learn, and that you’re not afraid to receive feedback. Being kind is a value that I also apply in my personal life, no matter where I am.

We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing first hand from our amazing team about what it’s like to work for Shocklogic. In case you missed them, check out our previous interviews with Alexia Garcia, Simon J. Colmenares, Elvira Roger, and Reshma Rao.