Working at Shocklogic series: Simon J. Colmenares

By Lorena |

January 24, 2022

Next up in our interview series, we hear from Simon J. Colmenares, one of our Business Development Associates.

When did you start working at Shocklogic?
2nd of January 2019.

How did you hear about Shocklogic?
John Martinez, our CEO & Founder at Shocklogic along with his team supported a client event in Venezuela back in December 2019, where I also had the opportunity to help them. While supporting the team during the event, John saw my potential, and asked me if I wanted to grab a coffee together. We had a very informal conversation where he asked me about my past work experiences and what I look for in a job. I really loved being onsite with the team and that’s why I was so happy when John said that he wanted me to be part of his team. So, in a nutshell, that’s how I got the job!

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What team do you work for? Tell us a bit more about your relationship with your colleagues…
I work for the Business Development team. Every day I can learn something new from each of my colleagues. I have learnt many skills from how to deal with anxiety, and prioritise my tasks. I also learnt how to be organised both professionally and personally, how I deal with clients, and the importance of mindfulness. Together with my team, we’ve been learning how to be proactive and how to offer support between each other.

Can you describe in one word your experience so far at Shocklogic?

What kind of skills have you been developing?
Being part of such an international team, I’ve been able to improve my English level a lot. My sales skills have been improving too by practising every single day on how to deliver demos. We do lots of simulations with my team and we give feedback to each other most of the time. Communication and patience are other two skills that I’ve been having the opportunity to develop on a daily basis.

What is the best part of your job?
When I’m presenting a demo – it’s the time when I can shine, to showcase my skills and prove how much I’ve learnt from my team and the value that I can bring to the clients’ projects. Every Wednesday we have our weekly scrums where the whole Shocklogic team gathers. At the end of each meeting, we do breathing exercises which I had the opportunity to lead a few as well. I find it very effective and authentic.

What is special about Shocklogic’s company culture and values?
There are a few values that are close to my heart. My favourite is “360 degrees of care”, because we truly care about our team, clients, suppliers and partners. We focus on putting ourselves in our client’s shoes, to really understand their requirements, and deliver the very best experience.

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