Working at Shocklogic series: Elvira Roger

By Angie Harms |

January 27, 2022

We’re back with the next interview in our Working at Shocklogic series! Elvira Roger, our DEPICT (Documents, Education, Processes, Information, Communication, Tools) Coordinator, has been working with Shocklogic for more than two years. Below, she shares the story of how she met the Shocklogic team and became a Shocklogician herself. 

When did you start working at Shocklogic?
September 2019.

How did you hear about Shocklogic?
I was a hosted buyer for a Scottish company called EVENTIT, and they sent me to London for The Meetings Show in 2019. I had to book meetings and join sessions during the event. My first contact with Shocklogic was a campfire session given by John Martinez, the company’s CEO & Founder, on ‘Building the Perfect Programme’. I spoke to John at the end of the presentation, and he said, “Thank you, your positive energy really helped me deliver my presentation.” His leadership and gratitude really surprised me. 

Later, I had a meeting with Shocklogic and got to meet the rest of the team. In my conversation with Pritesh Mawdia, Head of Technical Support & Development, I was surprised that we talked about more than just Shocklogic’s products. I was so impressed with his level of attention and how listened-to he made me feel. He asked questions about me, my philosophy, and my clients, and he said, “You should work with us!” He contacted me a few weeks later and asked about my availability. I was also invited to attend one of the weekly company ‘scrums’ where all the team members gather together.

What team do you work for? Tell me a bit more about your relationship with your colleagues…
I currently work for the DEPICT team, and I couldn’t imagine a more amazing relationship with my colleagues. Every single human being is a huge inspiration. I’m so inspired by all of them, not just professionally, but on a human level. I couldn’t ever dream of a team like this.

Can you describe in one word your experience so far at Shocklogic?

What skills have you developed during your time working at Shocklogic?Communication and time management. We have the perfect environment for reaching your fullest potential. We are constantly facing challenges, but this has helped me get to know myself better and redefine some of my self-beliefs. There is constant growth. Before Shocklogic, I was managing both myself and my clients, and I had to hire someone to help me with certain projects, but now, with the techniques and strategies I’ve learned working at Shocklogic, I’m able to prioritise and manage my time more effectively when delivering projects.

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What is the best part of your job? 
My colleagues. I really look forward to working with everyone every day. I love the way we work as a team, the way we face challenges, and our brainstorming sessions. I also love the high level of client satisfaction. For me, our internal and external kick off calls are a magical moment. It’s a defining moment, because we get to understand the client and their character, to identify their values, priorities, and expectations, and we learn how to best manage those things.

What is special about the company culture and values?
In my case, they are so close to who I am, they are constant reminders of my own core values. I love the fact that everyone in the company embodies these values. Every time I see John Martinez interact with a client, I can see that he’s living these values, and this empowers us to do it too. The company values are not just something written on a piece of paper to look cool, they really are the core of this company.

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