John Martinez interviews Bogdan Maran, Co-founder of AMMP Digital

By Angie Harms |

May 9, 2022

Our CEO & Founder John Martinez recently interviewed Bogdan Maran of AMMP Digital on the topic of “#SmartVisualContent and event tech – a trend to watch.

Bogdan is a co-founder at AMMP Digital, and is leading #SmartVisualContent and data efforts with a focus on delivering engaging and personalised experiences. Alongside the team at AMMP Digital, he is building the future of data-driven visual content for B2B industries, with a strong focus on events and sports. He is always up for a conversation around smart video, monetisation, data, A.I. and blockchain.

These are some of the questions covered during the interview:

  1. Can you explain to us what the idea of smart visual content is, and how it works?
  2. Hybrid is now considered the new normal. Can you explain the concept for us?
  3. What is the key to collaboration between tech platform solutions?
  4. Where do events fit in communities?

Watch the interview here to learn more about these exciting event tech trends.

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Make sure to stay tuned for future interviews in this series!

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