Shocklogic’s CEO interviews Gordon Glenister, award-winning influencer marketing expert

By Lorena Fasui |

March 24, 2022

Our CEO & Founder John Martinez recently interviewed Gordon Glenister on the topic of “How can associations improve engagement and grow influence with their members?”.

Gordon is an influencer marketing and membership expert and the founder of Membership World, a community of trade association and professional membership bodies. He is also the host of 2 podcasts, The Membership World Podcast and Influence Global Podcast, now in its 4th season. A prolific author of content, Gordon has co-written 3 industry reports on the association sector and is the author of the bestselling book Influencer Marketing Strategy. Gordon is passionate about helping people become more influential and runs his own online programme. He regularly appears on industry panels as a host or keynote speaker. 

These are some of the questions covered during the interview:

  1. A big challenge for associations is to keep their members engaged. What’s the secret sauce in your opinion to getting this right?
  2. Associations are seen as an authority in their niche sector, but are the senior people in associations really leveraging their influence?
  3. A lot of associations run events, and as Shocklogic is an event platform, I’d be interested to hear how associations can use influencers and thought-leading experts to drive registrations.
  4. Can you share some practical tips on what people can do right now on their social media platforms?

There are plenty of exciting takeaways from this discussion regarding how important it is to bring people together in an association environment and create content that engages members. 

Make sure to watch the interview here!

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