The importance of offering support and recognition to your teams

By Angie Harms |

July 27, 2022

It’s no secret that as a general rule, focusing on positives rather than negatives can promote a reduction in stress levels and an improvement in health, and this is a principle that can also have enormous benefit when applied in the workplace. For example, recent findings indicate that workplace productivity is greatly improved when emphasis is placed on compassion, kindness, support, and recognition

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is one of the most influential psychological theories of the last 100 years. It states that a sense of ‘esteem’ and a feeling of ‘belonging’ are fundamental to a person’s ability to achieve their full potential, both personally and professionally. In other words, helping your team to experience a sense of accomplishment and letting them know they are appreciated will have a positive impact on both the individual and the company as a whole.

Our goal at Shocklogic is for the team to feel like a family who genuinely values and cares about one another, and we make recognition of a job well done both a habit and a priority. Another important part of our weekly General Scrums is that all team members are encouraged to recognise others for their help, hard work, or simply for being a great colleague. There are no time limits on this portion of the meeting, and it never fails to put big smiles on the team’s faces.

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In addition, we never underestimate the value of a heartfelt ‘thank you’, a sincere apology for a misunderstanding, or a hearty congratulations at the end of an event. These are simple but important ways of showing appreciation and respect. They may seem trivial, but emphasising these basic actions is one of the most important ways to maintain a high level of employee morale.

Finally, one of our company values is “Integrity – Responsibility – Generosity – Compassion”. We use these four words as a compass to guide all forms of interaction. In all of these ways, we create an organisation where every single team member feels valued, supported, and completely at home.

To learn about more positive workplace practices, check out our ebook, Wellness in the Workplace: Tips for Working from Anywhere

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