The art of conference programming, including abstract management

By Webdevelopment Shocklogic |

December 2, 2019

Shocklogic has played an active role in the events industry for over 20 years, providing innovative technology solutions for events, meetings and members.

Technology in recent years has gained domination and had a major part to play in the growth, development and feasibility of many events. With the new technological trends, and mind-boggling innovations paving the industry, it’s no wonder that there has been a huge evolution. With technology, the possibilities are endless.

An example of a piece of software that Shocklogic has developed is “Abstractlogic”. Abstractlogic is a complete solution for online speaker and programme management, specifically tailored for large and complex event programmes. 

By definition, an abstract is a summary of the contents of a book, article or speech. Hence, abstracts allow event organisers to crowdsource scientific content with an efficient overall process.

The Abstractlogic solution enables organisations to manage the overall abstract management process, from collecting submissions, to publishing final selections into an agenda. Thus, event organisers are able to fill their event agendas with the most compelling content as well as infuse the event with rich and targeted speaker sessions.

One of the keys to abstract management is being proactive and standing ahead of the game. It is essential to understand the process of setting up the system as well as the type of content required from the questions you want to ask, how many characters can the abstract be, the title length, or whether you are allowed to upload images or any other files.

An example of a case study where Shocklogic provided “Abstractlogic” is the European Society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT) 2017 Congress. The ESOT Congress received more than 100 sessions, 900 oral slots, and 1,830 abstracts, with 1,200 abstracts submitted in the final 24 hours (70%). This proves that the amount of resources required in an online system needs to be flexible, feasible and scalable.

Another module of the Abstractlogic system is ePosterlogic, used for ePoster management. E-posters are an electronic method of displaying traditional paper posters, that can be viewed in a networking area of a conference or can be easily accessible through a website. The benefits of ePosters are that they help to extend the reach of posters to a wider audience, they can completely substitute traditional poster boards (to save space), they reduce paper use, and they can enhance the viewing of poster content (even view on personal mobile devices).

In terms of the overall process, there are step-by-step phases that help the organisers keep on track with the results: client briefs, forms, inviting your reviewers, collecting posters to the preparation for onsite and the final publication available for the public.

Therefore, the key factors that organisations or event organisers should keep in mind when using abstracts, are:

  • Understand the systems you are working with as well as the connectivity of that particular system to other systems, including ePosters or mobile apps. 
  • Keep your data clean. Make sure your subject lines are complete, making sure all the subsections are included, and valid. 
  • When you are building your programme, stay ahead of deadlines is essential as it takes time, effort and plenty of discussions.

To learn more about Abstractlogic, and the other products offered by Shocklogic, email: info@shocklogic-old-old-old.test