Working as an intern for Shocklogic: a farewell letter

By Xane Richards |

July 3, 2020

Simona Garabagiu worked as a Finance Intern at Shocklogic in London for 4 and a half months in 2020. Recently, her internship came to an end, and sadly she needed to return back to the Netherlands, where she is completing her studies.
Simona presented a speech to our whole company on her final day, and it was extremely moving. We were so touched (there were many tears!), that we wanted to share it. You can read her full letter below.

Simona, Pritesh, Lorena and Johnny

I am very happy to have been a part of Shocklogic in the Finance team as part of my internship from my university in the Netherlands. Even if it has been a short period of time, only 4 months and a half, in a very short time, everyone became very close people to me as I have been welcomed warmly from the very beginning.
Thank you, John, for welcoming me from the first day when I entered the office for the first time. Thank you for showing me around, as I was so scared because of uncertainty and because of not knowing anyone. Thank you for motivating me to get to love this job and for your constant feedback.
Thank you, Pat, for being so nice to me and for continuous support. I love our daily calls and your way of being so positive. By being so, you encourage me and Avvan a lot on a daily basis to never give up and that we can always ask and work on tasks together, whenever we have any unclarities. Thank you for the clear and straight-to-the-point explanations that helped me to get to learn new abilities and get to the final results which I aimed for.
Thank you, Avvan, for having a lot of patience, explaining all the processes to me by small steps from the very first day. Thank you for being there every day, explaining again if needed. Thank you for your support while working with me on complex tasks to find a perfect solution together. Thank you for your understanding and attitude. You are unstoppable. Keep rocking!
Thank you everyone for the willingness to always help and answer the queries quickly whenever needed. Thank you for your effort and passion for work, which is really admirable.
Describing overall my experience at Shocklogic, I learned the basics of Accounting and Finance by doing the daily tasks, which I am very thankful for as this was my first working experience. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Shocklogic, is 360 degrees of care between all the departments. For me, it is valuable that there is tight cooperation among all the members and that there is always constant support. I appreciate this because it is very important how employees feel in a company. At Shocklogic, personal satisfaction leads to great results. This is what makes Shocklogic unique and I love Shocklogic for this.
Thank you everyone. You are amazing. I will miss you.
Lots of love,