EventLAB: Tech, Creativity and Values

By Webdevelopment Shocklogic |

November 13, 2018

EventLAB by Hire Space, offers a two-day programme of cutting-edge insights, skill enhancing opportunities and fresh inspiration for the event planning journey. As we work so closely with planners, the Shocklogic team went along to indulge ourselves in the education on offer.

We first attended a (packed!) talk by The Department’s Creative Director, Hamish Jenkinson who was accompanied by a member of the creative team. The self titled world’s first immersive agency, provides an experience for attendees. They spoke about how planners can incorporate immersive technologies into their B2B events. Showcasing work with their previous clients such as Lexus and FIFA, they demonstrated how events can fully utilise VR, AR and MR technologies to produce world class experiences that put the attendee in the centre. For example, at the Lexus event they transformed the lives of the participants into an A lister, giving them the hollywood treatment showering them with paparazzi and providing the flash car.
We also attended one of the workshops on offer, ‘The Psychology and Practice of Values: Turning your clients into raving fans’ With Alan Williams from Service Brand Global. The session was focused on the promotion of values within a company being the new selling point, what converts customers into loyal clients. He gave examples of Fairtrade having rocketing sales from 2015. What’s unique about Fairtrade is they market purely based on their values of providing a fair wage to the producers of their goods. This in turn prevents them from being exploited by larger corporations in the food industry. As society changes to be more ruthless in uncovering those who have bad morals, it’s important for all businesses to practice what they preach in order to maintain the status of their loyal clients.
We at Shocklogic take our values very seriously and introduce all of our potential clients to them through the initial meetings we have. It’s important not only from a business perspective, but a humanitarian one!
EventLAB provided some great education throughout our visit and we left feeling inspired by what we had learnt! Boosting our enthusiasm for our emphasis on values and morality and inspiring us to provide the best experience for our clients and their attendees.
For more information, visit: https://eventlab.online.