What We Learnt at EventHuddle's "Social Media for Events"

By Venetia Acquah |

July 4, 2019

The Shocklogic Team recently attended EventHuddle’s “Social Media for Events” on Wednesday 29th May, at 1 Wimpole Street. It was the perfect session for anyone actively trying to grow their social media presence. Attendees were eager to absorb all vital tips and tricks that were shared.

The panel featured Ryan Curtis Johnson, Essi Nurminen, Darren Struwig and Kevin Jackson, who moderated the session. It was interesting to hear how various experts in the events industry tackle social media. With new platforms emerging every year, it is getting harder for businesses to keep up and identify which ones they should be using, to maximise brand exposure.

Our key takeaways from the session:

  1. It is important to accept change, and to learn to adapt to new trends.
  2. Influencer marketing is becoming a powerful medium. Building relationships with the top influencers in your industry is crucial.
  3. Influencers have the power to bring attention to your brand, expanding your audience.
  4. The quality of your content is much more important than the quantity. 
  5. Marketing used to be what you told people, now it’s what you can do for people.

Find out more about EventHuddle’s upcoming events here.

Written by Xane Richards, Digital Marketing Associate, Shocklogic