Client testimonial – Timothy Rush – BIE-SSIS Native Language Immersion Grant

By Maggie Bruk |

August 24, 2023

My career in education began in 1968. Over the span of years, I have been involved in face-to-face professional conferences almost annually. All were worthwhile. I never, in seventy years, expected the best conference experience to come from a virtual conference. Shocklogic changed my expectations profoundly; their professional help with design, planning, scheduling and delivery of the Dr. Burnett Whiteplume Memorial Arapaho Language Symposium made the conference a true success. I rate the quality and value of the conference to its 300 attendees and presenters an A+.

The technical quality of Shocklogic’s platform and delivery technology was better than any I have experienced, but here is what mattered most. Their people! It was the personal support given by Shocklogic personnel that made my staff feel that we were sure to succeed! (And there were times during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, when outsiders would have doubted our chances.)

In the end, the Whiteplume Symposium made us feel proud.  I feel certain that my late friend and colleague felt the same pride and that he would be proud to work with Shocklogic on future gatherings of the Dr. Burnett Whiteplume Memorial Arapaho Language Symposium.

Just a footnote: When we signed on with Shocklogic, they became our friends and enthusiastic supporters.  They adopted our commitment to Indigenous Language Revitalization.  These are very good people.

Sincerely yours,

R. Timothy Rush, PhD

BIE-SSIS Native Language Immersion Grant