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A recap of the webinar: “How to create a visually immersive event experience”

Our CEO, John Martinez recently hosted the webinar “How to create a visually immersive event experience”, with the Association of Association Executives.

With our current shift to virtual events, this webinar focused on new and innovative ways to deliver online event experiences. John explained that this is not a new concept here at Shocklogic, as we have been working with our clients to deliver virtual events for several years now.



We have identified that there are some key areas of most online event experiences:

  • Sponsors
  • Programme
  • Exhibitors
  • Networking
  • Support

These items can be connected using our “Virtual Single Profile eCosystem”.



John also shared the 8 key features that we believe a webinar should include:

  1. Branding (personalise the platform with your own branding)
  2. Browser-based (easiest access)
  3. Waiting room 
  4. Moderated chat (have complete control of what is displayed)
  5. List of attendees
  6. View speakers and slides simultaneously
  7. Ability to download handouts/slides



To find out more about our virtual offerings, view our brochure.

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