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access control, attendee tracking, lead retrieval


Scanlogic is a powerful tool that can be used at events of any size. With Scanlogic you can track attendance to sessions at your event.

Simply scan the badge of an attendee and then use Scanlogic to produce an attendee list. You can understand who attended the sessions and which sessions were most popular. Now you will be able to see if a session was popular with attendees from a particular country, or perhaps you have a sponsored session and you wish to produce a delegate list for the sponsor quickly so they can send a follow up email.

You can also use Scanlogic to control access to certain areas at your event. If you have a VIP area or similar, scan the attendee badge, if the scanner flashes green, the attendee can be granted access, and if the scanner flashes red, this indicates that the attendee cannot be given access.

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