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Roomlogic is a complete hotel bedroom sales system which allows you to manage all of your sales from one central location. The system is 100% cloud based so you can access your hotel booking information from any computer, wherever you are. Roomlogic will allow you to easily manage your room blocks, increase your bedroom sales and improve your team's efficiency.

Make it easy for your customers to buy bedrooms. Roomlogic can be linked directly to your website, providing ease of access. The booking portal can be content rich, allowing your customers to compare hotels, view photographs and easily book their bedrooms. It can also be fully branded so you can seamlessly maintain your company's identity on the online booking portal.

Provide a better standard of customer service by using Roomlogic. Customers can receive an instant booking confirmation, pay via a secure online gateway and service themselves online from start to finish.

Take the stress out of managing various hotel allotments. You will never have to worry about over-selling rooms and you can effortlessly add and remove bedrooms for your allotments. Roomlogic will allow you to maintain an unlimited number of room types and hotels. Roomlogic can handle all of your needs so that your team can really focus on selling bedrooms.

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