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First impressions are everything! You have one chance to impress your attendees. Take the stress out of onsite management and hire one of our experts!

Worried about long queues at registration? Nervous that hostesses might not be experienced enough to handle attendee questions? Concerned that you have too many jobs onsite and that you need a helping hand?

Onsitelogic is a service which can help you deliver a first class event to all your attendees. We can provide experienced individuals or teams who have a wealth of expertise in managing events onsite. We will work with you before, during and after the event to make sure everything runs smoothly.

The specific expertise we can deliver onsite includes providing:

  • Skilled registration staff who are focused on excellent customer service
  • A technician, all equipment and software for onsite registration
  • Guidance on the set up the registration areas/desks so that queues will be minimised
  • Badge and ticket layouts, certificates of attendance and receipts
  • Advice on onsite payments
  • Sending important email communications onsite and post event
  • A WiFi network onsite
  • A messaging service onsite so attendees can leave messages for other attendees
  • Full training and a briefing meeting for onsite staff

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