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Content is king! Bring your content to the next level with ePosterlogic.

ePosterlogic is a platform which manages ePoster submissions. ePosterlogic will handle everything related to your eposters, from submission through to publishing them online and at the event. Our experienced team will work with you to make your poster submissions a valuable asset at your next event. With ePosterlogic you can choose when to publish your content, whether it be at the event or online.

As an organiser all poster content can be managed from one central point. You will no longer have to pay for poster boards and floor space at your venue, or worry about poster board numbers. Your submitters will find it easy to submit their poster, with no need to print and display their physical poster at the event. Your attendees will easily be able to search and find content conveniently without having to look at physical posters to find relevant content. Your key sponsors can also get added exposure should you choose to display logos on the digital posters.

ePosterlogic will make posters a more valuable aspect of your event, providing content quickly and being easily accessible for attendees.

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