Is it possible to be productive WFH?

By Samuel |

September 9, 2020

2020 has been a big year of change! We have all been forced to adapt to new circumstances, with most meetings moving to the virtual space. Many of us who were used to going to the office on a daily basis, have had to adapt to working from home. But, is it really possible to be productive from home?
The answer is: YES! You even have the chance to increase your productivity levels. But in order to achieve this, you should consider certain aspects of your work environment. We spoke to some members of the Shocklogic team (many of whom already worked from home before the pandemic), to hear how they manage to be productive from each of their homes.

Define boundaries: Lorena Fasui (based in Calimanesti, Romania)

“One of the first things you should do is talk to those who live with you. Even though in my hometown it is not normal to work from home, I spoke to my parents (who I am currently isolating with), from day one. I let them know my working hours, so they are very respectful when I am in meetings, and don’t interrupt me. That also means they know the hours when they can count on my support to do housework, or to have a chat!” 

Build your throne: Glen Vasquez (based in Bogotá, Colombia)

“Even though the main point of working from home is flexibility, it is very important that you establish a fixed workplace. You need to design a comfortable space to work in, where you are at ease during all working hours”.
“For this reason, things like lighting, decoration and style are of great importance in order to achieve the necessary concentration to finish the job. The office has to be the throne of work; put in some plants, a painting, or anything that motivates you to keep working from that place”.

Get in the mood: Natalia Calcetero (based in Lyon, France)

“Take a shower, get dressed and get ready so that you can get into the idea that you are going to work. Dressing up and putting on make-up helps me to become aware that I am going to work”.

“This does not mean that you should put on your best dress or suit, but rather something comfortable that helps you mentally assume that you are at home, but that you are working. I think it’s important not only to get your mind right, but also for other people to feel that you’re ready for what they need”.

Focus on a single task: Marisol Moreno (based in Miranda, Venezuela)

“Short-term goals need to be established. Working at home gives you a wider picture of all the assignments you need to accomplish. That’s why sometimes we fall into trying to solve all of them at the same time and that makes us get tired gradually”.

“In order to prevent burnout, you have to focus on finishing one task and then move on to the next. Don’t do everything at once. The performance is not the same being multitasking. If you say ‘I am going to focus on this’, you are much more efficient”.

Draw your lines: Emma Powell (based in Shropshire, UK)

“At home work can become our only distraction, leading us to work uncontrollably for hours on end. That is why it is necessary to separate when you are working and when you are not”.
“I am a perfectionist, I would work more without a problem but it is necessary to draw a line between your life at work and your personal life. In this way, the boundaries will allow you to concentrate and relax, respectively”.

Stay healthy: Santiago Lopez (based in Florida, USA)

“Did you know that many people forget to eat or even drink water during work at home? This is an extremely important matter for people’s efficiency. It’s amazing what helps you concentrate your hydration. I recommend establishing schedules for drinking water and respecting meal times”.

Give yourself a moment: Juan Zada (based in Odense, Denmark)

“It is necessary to finish your work, but it is also important that you take it easy. Working at home gives you the comfort to give yourself time to relax. It is not bad that you stop working and come back in five minutes or an hour, what matters is that you accomplish what you should do”.
“It is not balance, it is harmony between your wellbeing and work, so you should not be hard on yourself, you should allow yourself a break from what you are doing”.

At Shocklogic we believe that if you apply this advice, and look after your wellbeing, you will be able to boost your productivity levels from home. You can find out more of our working from home tips here.  

Written by Samuel Peña, Marketing Associate