EventWell Talks: “Self care and self isolation”

By Xane Richards |

April 1, 2020

It is a challenging time for our industry right now, and everyone is affected. The spread of the Coronavirus has many of us working from home right now, in isolation. The latest webinar from EventWell reminded us that it is essential that we prioritise self-care, and look after our mental health.
EventWell Talks are bi-monthly free webinars for event profs, that bring together expert panellists to share their knowledge and advice on mental health and wellbeing. Last week’s webinar, hosted by Helen Moon (CEO & Founder, EventWell), was about “Self-care and self-isolation”. Helen and the panel shared their tips on how to cope with our current situation, and to look after ourselves and each other.
Mark Maher (Director of Sales and Marketing, Boulevard Events) talked about the three pillars of health: exercise, sleep and nutrition. These pillars are always important to look after, and we need to be more aware of how we balance them.

Mark also advised us to maintain and carry on with our daily routines, as we normally do (make sure you change out of your pjs): “Now is an incredible opportunity to look at our ‘go-to’ behaviours and start to create new habits”.
Working from home can be daunting for many of us, however, finding a purpose for your day and prioritising your work can help create a structure of our workload and find discipline. Shocklogic’s CEO, John Martinez, shared that “Discipline gives us freedom”.

John also spoke about how vital it is to stay connected, especially when we are practicing social distancing. He suggested always turning on the camera during online meetings with your peers, so we can see each other’s faces, and maintain that human connection!
Bernadette Palombo (Founder, Event Professionals Journal) suggested that now is the moment to work on your future goals, and write down something that you want to achieve on each day. Not busy enough? Redecorate, write (or start!) a journal, do all the things you have been putting off.

There were many other suggestions from the webinar for keeping busy and connected while we stay indoors, here are some of our favourites:

  • House Party: an app which acts as a face-to-face social network with your contacts, where you can have group calls with your friends, and play games.
  • Yoga with Adriene 
  • PE with Joe: join fitness coach Joe Wicks as he guides your kids through a PE lesson. 
  • Insight Timer: an amazing free resource for meditation, talks, wellbeing courses
  • Slack: stay connected with your teams, remotely
  • Slido: for Q&A quizzes
  • Netflix Party: a new way to watch Netflix with your friends and family 
  • Organise virtual lunches and coffee breaks to stay connected with your peers

If you missed it, you can watch the full webinar here. See you at the next EventWell Talk!

Written by Lorena Fasui, Digital Marketing Associate, Shocklogic