A recap of our webinar “Managing remote working during a crisis: how to look after ourselves, and our teams”

By Xane Richards |

May 12, 2020

On 28th April, Shocklogic hosted our very own webinar with our partners, Visit Belfast. The webinar was called “Managing remote working during a crisis: how to look after ourselves, and our teams”. With many of us swapping the office for our homes recently, this was a great opportunity for us to share our experiences, and have a discussion between our industry peers.
We were lucky enough to have Helen Moon of EventWell as our moderator, plus Anna Clark from the British Pharmacological Society, and Johnny D. Martinez from Shocklogic, as our panelists.

Johnny started off the webinar by sharing Shocklogic’s company values, and a list of working from home tips that we put together. For example, we recommend that you start your day with stretches, and try out some mindful breathing exercises. Deep breathing can help you relax, and is a great way to lower the stress. Here you can view a PDF version, and a video version, of our full set of tips.
Anna followed with some great coping techniques that she’s using with her team, and some personal tips on how she’s looking after herself during work. She shared with the audience this article on how to stop feeling overwhelmed at work which is very helpful! One of the tips she tells herself is: “be kind, it’s okay to have some days where I’m not as productive as others,  and ensure I have a lunch break and turn my laptop off at the end of the day”.

We ended the session with some Q&A, that included plenty of questions from the audience such as how to implement mindfulness, and how to provide a counsellor within your organisation.

To finish the blog, we are going to leave you with some wise words from Helen: “There’s no perfect solution that fits everybody, so just do the best you can. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself or try to achieve perfection.” “We’re all in this together. We’re all uniquely different, so we are all going through different situations, different environments in these challenging times. Remember, be kind to each other, have compassion and empathy towards people you work or live with.” 

If you missed our webinar, you can watch it back here.
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Written by Lorena Fasui