A recap of Event Wellbeing Month 2020

By Samuel |

October 2, 2020

Event Wellbeing Month 2020 was a campaign run by EventWell that took place in September. This year’s #EventWell20 campaign message was about “the importance of a commitment to providing better support for employees and talent, and to making a positive change to workplace culture and mental health”.
At Shocklogic, we define ourselves as a value-centred company. We are guided by a set of values like “360 degrees of care” and “Be kinder than necessary, because everyone that we come across is fighting their own battle”.
As long-time supporters of EventWell, we wanted to add some of our own messages to the Event Wellbeing Month campaign. We decided to speak to some of our own team members, about how they look after their own wellbeing, inside and outside the workplace.

Daily breathing exercises

“Our daily breathing exercises are definitely my favourite. These really help me calm myself down and also get to know myself better and my teammates. When I have a busy day and I’m stressed, I take 5 minutes and simply breathe. It’s important to acknowledge when you need a bit of time just for yourself.” – Elvira Roger

Speaking to our company counsellor

“I believe that it’s really important to have someone to talk to, both personally and professionally. Our company counsellor helps me to feel supported, and offers me a different perspective on how I’m feeling or seeing the things around me.” – Samuel Peña

“Thanks to sessions with our company counsellor, and personal advice from my CEO, I’ve been able to prioritise what is important for me and what truly makes me happy. I believe that it’s essential to pursue our own wellbeing as a priority in our lives.” – William Villalobos

Daily check-ins

“I feel that it’s very important to constantly communicate with your team especially during these times. Opening your camera and having daily check-ins help stay connected with your team and understand that someone is there to help.” – Xane Richards

Mindful meditation

“Mindful meditation is a great way to develop patience, and focus on the present moment. Practising mindfulness on a daily basis helped me stay focused and keep my feet on the ground. I also practice pilates, yoga and ropes in my spare time which gives me mental clarity and calmness.” – Ana Maria Sully

“We all have both good and bad days. Meditation helps me keep positive. Even if you’re not feeling great, it can help to bring out the best of you.” – Natalia Calcetero

“I love meditating because it pushes my mind in a different direction. It really gives me the time to be in my own thoughts and realise who I truly am. I also practice Reiki which is a hands-on healing technique that helps with stress and anxiety. When I’m anxious, I tend to grab a notebook and write down my thoughts which brings me mental clarity.” – Ian Premasada

At Shocklogic, we know how stressful it can be to organise events. We make it our priority to look after our teams, and will continue promoting mental health awareness.

Written by Samuel Peña, Marketing Associate