5 Reasons why you should be working for Shocklogic

By Webdevelopment Shocklogic |

October 1, 2019

1. We have a lot of experience

The Shocklogic family is made up of techies, event organisers, association experts and designers. We are constantly learning from each other, and pushing each other to grow. Our CEO, John has been in the industry for 30 years, so he is an incredible mentor!

2. We put our team first

One of our company values is “360 degrees of care”: we care about our team, customers, suppliers and partners. We make sure that we create an environment where people want to come to work every day.

3. Our clients are varied, and located across the globe

Our client base covers associations, PCOs, corporates, agencies, festivals and concerts. This means we get to experience all types of events, and have many opportunities to travel. 

For example, Johnny from our team recently spoke at Event Lab in Colombia; we just returned from Denmark to support the ESOT Congress; and we are currently preparing to travel to India for the 50th Union World Conference on Lung Health.

4. We are diverse

In our London offices alone, we have team members that originally come from Venezuela, Mexico, India, Romania, Lithuania, Australia, Japan, and Nepal to name a few. Our potluck days (when we all bring a dish from our home country) are pretty spectacular – with homemade momos, potato pancakes, samosas, and empanadas!

5. We like to have fun

We work hard, but remember that we need to wind down sometimes! Our Summer Party in London this year was an incredible boat ride along the Paddington canals with GoBoat, and we always have “First Fridays” drinks each month.

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