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#GMID21: #MeetSafe with virtual and hybrid events

The events industry has changed significantly over the last year. The global problems associated with COVID-19 and its new strains, including quarantine, social distancing, and other ongoing restrictions, have meant that event organisers have had to reinvent themselves — an aspect in which (drumroll please!) we have succeeded.


Virtual events have now been our ‘new normal’ for over a year. Although the industry has adapted quickly, we must continue to learn. With global vaccination programmes now in full swing and high hopes for a sustained easing of restrictions, hybrid events are beginning to take centre stage.


For this reason, the Shocklogic team is proud to join the Global Meetings Industry Day celebration and to voice our commitment to this year’s theme of #MeetSafe. As circumstances continue to evolve over the course of this year and beyond, we are dedicated to helping event organisers produce safe and effective interaction spaces for any stakeholder in any environment.



It’s in this spirit that some of our Shocklogic team members have shared their insight on how to organise successful virtual and hybrid events.


Johnny D. Martinez, Head of Marketing & Business Development (based in London, UK)

“There should be no ‘one-size-fits-all’ mentality — every event is different and unique. We should work to understand the needs of every client and their audience. We should make no assumptions and understand that this is the perfect time to ask our communities what they want the experience to be. We are now able to use technology to tailor a personalised experience for every single user.”


Diana Zarate, Senior Client Relationship Coordinator (based in Mexico)

“Effective communication is key at virtual and hybrid events. Distance is a challenge that we have to overcome by being more receptive. We have to put ourselves in everyone’s shoes in order to achieve the satisfaction of all attendees.”


William Villalobos, Business Development Coordinator (based in Campinas, SP, Brazil) 

“If you want to ensure that your hybrid or virtual event is truly global, you must make it browser-based. This will allow any participant to join from anywhere in the world without the need to download anything, simply through a browser.”


Jinhyeon ‘Gianna’ Kim, Senior Client Relationship Coordinator (based in South Korea)

“Networking is the basis of virtual and hybrid events. That’s why we must improve the networking experience and connection between attendees, moderators, sponsors, and even event organizers. The more people connect, the more successful the event will be.”


Angie Harms, Copywriter/Proofreader (based in Glasgow, UK)

“Embrace the possibilities! Virtual events have evolved incredibly rapidly over the last year; this is exciting stuff! We need open minds to fully develop the potential of what we can do with this format and continue learning to exploit it for the benefit of every stakeholder.”

Gaston Ciganda, Client Relationship Coordinator (based in Lima, Peru)

“When organising a virtual or hybrid event, keep in mind that attendees enjoy the event through devices like monitors, smartphones, and tablets. For this reason, it’s necessary to adapt the ways we transmit information to generate the commitment of the attendees.”


Ana Lucia Moreno, Client Relationship Associate (based in Sevilla, Spain)

“We need to develop virtual and hybrid events that compete with on-site ones. Make sure you have a spirit of improvement and creativity, because we must not be too easily satisfied. There is always something to improve!”


Marisol Moreno, Client Relationship Associate (based in Caracas, Venezuela)

“The best thing about virtual and hybrid events is that they are flexible and malleable. You can expand the horizon in terms of the range of knowledge and time, for people to enjoy the sessions they want, when they want.”


Whether slowly or quickly, the times are always changing. The key is simply to be ready and willing to adapt. With this attitude, you won’t fail to deliver the best possible event experience to every stakeholder. 


At Shocklogic we have supported dozens of event organisers in making the transition to virtual events with our Online Event Experiences. We also provide powerful technology solutions for every aspect of hybrid and onsite events. 


New normal or old, at Shocklogic, your event is our passion.


Written by Samuel Peña, Marketing Associate

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